The domestic demand for punch presses is on the rise

Oct 20

If only for the implementation of lean production process, punch production structure. Profit can only be temporarily integrated into the lean production staff, employees feel the responsibility of the punch manufacturers for a long period of time the development of enterprises to open a lean production is not difficult, the cost is not high, but also the most difficult or change.

Increasing domestic demand may also attract companies to invest in Vietnam. Despite the total export volume of Vietnam, according to China’s total export volume of $ 560 billion is far more than today’s global OEM base, Vietnam, Punch with its unique geographical location and low labor prices, a new target and huge overseas investment. However, Vietnam must say that this is a deal in the future.

But the potential is not without restrictions, because most of the current business investment only need to hire low-end product assembly line workers, a significant number of foreign investment will greatly improve the economic development of Vietnam. While local managers will certainly need to recruit experienced managers and engineers, most Vietnamese local workers will only work in the foreseeable future.

Vietnam can further improve its position in the supply chain depending on whether the country can create enough managerial or engineering work, so in the long run. Punch due to the large inflow of foreign capital will give Vietnam a rare opportunity to improve the infrastructure and quality of education. Punch is particularly worth mentioning some of the technology companies also seem interested in helping Vietnam to develop their own technology team.

High unemployment also began to decline in some countries. Punch consumption declined 4 percent in the EU in 2013, but has already begun and now regains growth, the EU in 2014 was at its highest since 2008 for the overall consumer confidence.

For the future technological trends, the machine tool that the European Union. Intelligent manufacturing will lead the development direction of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing will make the process more efficient, more advanced products, more convenient man-machine dialogue, punch complex parts of the processing more simple and more smooth. In short, the intelligent ushered in a new window, so that the production process more resources and energy saving, the impact on the environment will be greatly reduced.

However, this concept runs through a variety of accessories, machine tool technology in the next few years the trend of development, reflects the humanity, automation, high production efficiency. Personalized products not only have the machine itself. Presses such as cooling systems, loading systems, storage systems and so on. Some users are no longer planning large-scale production lines, but only choose which key must be included in the machine tools. Designed by the machine tool manufacturers to provide accessories design solutions. In addition, the punch energy saving and environmental protection theme will be a long-term, through the use of variable frequency motor, low-power hydraulic valve components to reduce energy consumption is a trend.

What causes the crankshaft bearing heat

Oct 10

Punch in the control or punch manufacturers will encounter crankshaft bearing fever scene, then what is the cause of it, then the source of the small series to the public about the reasons for the crankshaft bearing heat and punch factory test. Together to learn about it.
1, when the operation is not a collection or combination of the collector can not be opened after the reversal of health spring fall elasticity. Bond the camp too tight, the exchange of spring, the study of the combination of the distance between scraping key;

2, punch crankshaft bearing fever, shaft scraping bad, smooth bad, new scraping research copper tiles, check the lubrication situation;

3, rail burning, rail clearance is too small, poor lubrication, poor diplomatic relations, re-scratch the rail, swap space, pay attention to lubrication;

4, out of the oil from the bearing copper scrap, shortage of oil, lubricating oil is not clean, check the lubrication, interruption of bearing test scrubbing.

Design of Crankshaft for 3D Drilling Machine

Oct 07

Because the stress distribution is very uneven, the cross-section of the three-dimensional NC drilling machine drastically changes along the axial direction, especially in the transition fillet of the crank arm and the journal, the stress concentration near the oil hole is serious. , The stress concentration area may produce fatigue damage, so the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine crankshaft in the design, you need to meet certain requirements.
Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine
1, sufficient strength, mainly crank parts of the bending fatigue strength, torsional fatigue strength and power input static strength.
2, sufficient rigidity, to reduce the crankshaft around the curved deformation, in order to ensure the piston rod and crankshaft bearing reliable work, while increasing the natural frequency of the crankshaft, try to avoid resonance within the working speed range.
3, journal – bearing vice has a sufficient pressure area and high wear resistance, oil hole layout is reasonable.
4, three-dimensional CNC drilling machine in a reasonable arrangement of the crank to make it work smoothly, torque uniformity, and improve the shaft torsional vibration situation.
5, a reasonable allocation of balance block, reduce the main bearing load and vibration.
The above-mentioned design requirements are interrelated with each other, and the structural shape and main dimensions of the crankshaft part have certain influence on the flexural fatigue strength and torsional rigidity of the crankshaft. Therefore, the structural strength of the crankshaft must be paid full attention in the design .

Analysis on the Difference between Linear Guide and Planar Guide of NC Drilling Machine

Oct 05

CNC drilling machine linear guide and flat rail are part of the basic components of a, but their role is completely different.Now we mainly said CNC drilling machine linear guide and the difference between the plane rail.
CNC drilling machine linear guide is the role of a guide can be the direction of the components, and it is fixed on the device installed above, but the plane is different rails, it is not fixed but can be free to move the basic components. And because the linear guide size and production standards are standard production products, so we can also be classified into the standard linear guide rails in this category, so when the production business in the production of linear guide when the optional installation of a rail Plane and the alignment of the rail, but also to ensure that the parallelism of the two rails in the appropriate range.
In the installation of the time, whether linear or flat rail, in the installation time is relatively simple, but because the linear guide cross-section of the shape is geometric shape, this shape than the plane rail cross-section The shape needs to be loaded much, because the groove of the guide rail of the linear guide is required to be machined so that the slide member can be smoothly slid by the aid of these grooves.
CNC drilling machine linear guide can withstand the force from the straight line can also bear from some of the remaining direction of the force, this design is linear guide and the difference between the plane rail, in the purchase of the time also need to select Of the piece to be very attention.

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