Servo punch machine are different from conventional

Nov 14

Servo punch machines are different from traditional presses because of the servo motor drive, the press can be set according to different delivery needs of different length and speed; through the servo press standard linear scale, or permanently guarantee the bottom dead center Forming precision, up to micron-level, efficacious suppression of the product of the glitches he is not the grid of the disclosure; can be ultra-low speed operation; mold vibration small, greatly increased the life of the mold; no clutch, brake parts, Electricity and smooth oil, low operating costs. Servo press occupies composite, high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, low noise environmental protection, etc., fully revealed the development trend of forging machine tools. It completely broke the traditional press point of view, its emergence will inevitably lead to a mechanical pressure of the revolution.

Common punch and high – speed punch identification

Speed: the general speed of ordinary punch in 200 times, high-speed punch speed is generally more than 600 times.

Control: the ordinary manual, foot, CNC; high-speed punch are CNC, automatic feeding.

Accuracy: the general accuracy of the general and precision, high-speed presses are precision.High-speed presses are generally used in a relatively large number of products, the product requires a relatively high precision stampings on the price higher than the average punch.

Precision pneumatic punch mold installation which pay attention to the incident?

Precision Punching Machine Pneumatic elastic cushion cushioning device has compact layout, small assembling space, large area of ​​top material, high uniformity of top material force, high precision of guide, and little die punching force. Precision Pneumatic Elastic cushion cushioning material device due to the connected rigid support device and elastic support device enough to shrink the atmosphere, anti-top buffer more calm, work pressure changes, the workpiece is not easy to wrinkle or pull broken, improve The product of the pass rate. Rigid support device size Mechanical type of material feeding device is much smaller, the occupied installation space is small, reducing the precision punch body and the work surface of the front and rear isolation, improve precision punching and punching the product texture, reducing the precision Punch the cost of construction. Precision Punch Pressing elastic cushion cushioning device can reduce the wear and tear, can retain the accuracy of long-term, so that the punching out of the product quality is more stable, and can greatly die mold eccentric punching pressure on the quality of products and precision precision punch itself. Adjust the position of the upper and lower limit nut can be returned trip, easy to use with all kinds of examples of stamping dies. Precision punch press device “.

When the precision elastic press slide with the pneumatic elastic cushion cushioning device is down, the ejector rod located in the ejector plate of the punch table plate is moved downwards by the function of the punching die stripping plate, The device is moved downward and the airbag of the punching device is deformed under compression until the rigid supporting device is limited by the limit bolt. At this time, the elastic supporting device and the rigid supporting device are compressed and the air volume is shortened, the air pressure is increased, Blocks and stamping dies under the attack to win the buffer. When the precision punch slide up, in the compressed air to promote the reduction of force, the pressure elastic cushion cushioning device upward, rigid support device to push the ejector ejector top plate, so that the workpiece from the lower mold, that is For the original working principle.

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