Analysis on the Difference between Linear Guide and Planar Guide of NC Drilling Machine

Oct 05

CNC drilling machine linear guide and flat rail are part of the basic components of a, but their role is completely different.Now we mainly said CNC drilling machine linear guide and the difference between the plane rail.
CNC drilling machine linear guide is the role of a guide can be the direction of the components, and it is fixed on the device installed above, but the plane is different rails, it is not fixed but can be free to move the basic components. And because the linear guide size and production standards are standard production products, so we can also be classified into the standard linear guide rails in this category, so when the production business in the production of linear guide when the optional installation of a rail Plane and the alignment of the rail, but also to ensure that the parallelism of the two rails in the appropriate range.
In the installation of the time, whether linear or flat rail, in the installation time is relatively simple, but because the linear guide cross-section of the shape is geometric shape, this shape than the plane rail cross-section The shape needs to be loaded much, because the groove of the guide rail of the linear guide is required to be machined so that the slide member can be smoothly slid by the aid of these grooves.
CNC drilling machine linear guide can withstand the force from the straight line can also bear from some of the remaining direction of the force, this design is linear guide and the difference between the plane rail, in the purchase of the time also need to select Of the piece to be very attention.

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