Attentions on the Maintenance of CNC Turret Punch

Dec 26

Attentions on the Maintenance of CNC Turret Punch CNC turret punch press maintenance should pay attention to what the problem: 1, CNC turret punch press storage environment should be kept dry, well-ventilated, to avoid moisture caused by electrical lines; 2, do not use the CNC turret punch in rainy day outdoors; 3 cnc machines for sale, do not let the CNC turret punch with direct contact with water; 4, if in use drill machine online buy, due to improper operation led to the hot plate water, should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

If the need for emergency repairs, the heating plate cover can be opened, the first water poured out, the overall replacement of the line busbar bending. 5, CNC turret punch in a longer period of time do not need to use the case, should be every two weeks to heat the heating plate.

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