Common fault of precision punching servo motor

Dec 09

Precision Punch Servo motor common several reasons for failure: Common failure 1: After the operation of precision press, all in accordance with the instructions in the order of operation, the punch light is still not bright, the face of such failures, the first circuit operation in accordance with the instructions to check the punch circuit functions are normal.

If the punch circuit is no problem, there are several major causes of failure: A. Punch overload pump damage (check overload indicator is lit). B. Punch air pressure is not enough (check the pressure switch for the existence of failure). C. Balanced cylinder pressure is sufficient (pressure switch is faulty (EN-D) only). D. Check whether the wires in the console are loose. E. Fuse is broken. F. Electric butter pump whether there is oil (with electric butter pump). G. Misfeed to detect whether the switch is normal (you can turn off the wrong switch to check). (3) Common Fault 2: When the normal light punch indicator, inching can operate and can not run a safe trip, continuous can, in the face of such failures, check the punch micro switch box is normal, the cable is off , Fixed-point angle is normal, such failures encountered in the press operating instructions to adjust. (4) three common faults: punch operation, the indicator light flashing Straightening Machines, the failure of the main reasons there are three types of failure: A. Check the punch cam micro switch contacts are normal, RS1.RS2.RS5.RS7 wire is off. B. Punch table angle switch within the table is bad, whether the broken sensor bolt. C. Check the angle of the induction bolt when vertex stops on the press horizontal band saw. When the upper vertex stops angle bending machine, the induction bolt angle should be in 11 o’clock position. .


In the maintenance of precision punch servo motor this type of failure should note the following points: 1, due to the permanent core is very crisp, dismantling need to be particularly careful. 2, can not be thrown fire barbecue, to prevent the demagnetization phenomenon. 3, the magnetic fan block is N. S interval installation, block and block between the glue can not be too thick, so as not to make the hole larger, affecting the bond strength with the shaft, or the outer diameter increases with the stator sweep phenomenon occurs. 4, resin glue ratio to ensure adequate dry solid period, can not use too much driers, to avoid the gum is too brittle, affect the bond strength.

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