Design of Crankshaft for 3D Drilling Machine

Oct 07

Because the stress distribution is very uneven, the cross-section of the three-dimensional NC drilling machine drastically changes along the axial direction, especially in the transition fillet of the crank arm and the journal, the stress concentration near the oil hole is serious. , The stress concentration area may produce fatigue damage, so the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine crankshaft in the design, you need to meet certain requirements.
Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine
1, sufficient strength, mainly crank parts of the bending fatigue strength, torsional fatigue strength and power input static strength.
2, sufficient rigidity, to reduce the crankshaft around the curved deformation, in order to ensure the piston rod and crankshaft bearing reliable work, while increasing the natural frequency of the crankshaft, try to avoid resonance within the working speed range.
3, journal – bearing vice has a sufficient pressure area and high wear resistance, oil hole layout is reasonable.
4, three-dimensional CNC drilling machine in a reasonable arrangement of the crank to make it work smoothly, torque uniformity, and improve the shaft torsional vibration situation.
5, a reasonable allocation of balance block, reduce the main bearing load and vibration.
The above-mentioned design requirements are interrelated with each other, and the structural shape and main dimensions of the crankshaft part have certain influence on the flexural fatigue strength and torsional rigidity of the crankshaft. Therefore, the structural strength of the crankshaft must be paid full attention in the design .

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