New high – quality press parts – old abandoned electrical machinery

Dec 26

New high – quality press parts – old abandoned electrical machinery Appliances to the countryside and TM to the endless policy has no clear clues, but the abolition of electrical and electronic products processing fund of the new regulations will be introduced in 2012 in general, home appliance manufacturers are expected to increase. China Household Electrical Appliances Association of the above command, the state should urge the large-scale automatic punch precision punch high-speed punch hydraulic press home appliance manufacturers own recycling, dismantling the disposal of used electronic products.

According to the current plan is trivial, the Fund is the Ministry of Finance, dismantling processing enterprises is the Ministry of Environmental Protection Ring Drilling Machine, the recovery of logistics enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce, the new dismantling processing industry to participate in the production of enterprises is difficult to lose dismantling talent drilling metal. Another home appliance business marketing person in charge of ‘approach’ the introduction of opposed attitude welding gantry. ‘Second, the global economy bottom punch, the market environment in 2012 do not have a very, at this time the introduction of this new regulation, will increase the production enterprises and consumers tired fall. Moreover, only five types of household electrical appliances manufacturers charges, the cost of the allowance to the dismantling of enterprises, and dismantling enterprises dismantling of electronic products is more than these five categories, how unfair.

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