products CNC Busbar Punching Machine

Dec 26

Foshan, the latest punch, punch Taiwan, Foshan ordinary punch The latest Foshan punch press crankshaft, gears, connecting rod and other components, the hard oxidation and grinding process after treatment, has a very high overall performance and resistance type, Foshan ordinary punch with highly sensitive, reliable clutch / brake device and the international The top double solenoid valve Drilling Machine for Plate, overload protection device to ensure that the press slide operation and stop the accuracy and safety copper busbar bending machine, Taiwan punch machine structure design is reasonable, easy to automate the production, reduce finished products CNC Busbar Punching Machine, improve efficiency.

Replacement of V – belts for Punch Press Precision Punch

Dec 26

Replacement of V – belts for Punch Press Precision Punch V-belt is located in the punch main motor to flywheel, between the motor energy will play an important role in the transmission to the flywheel. V-belt though modest, but its role is irreplaceable 3D CNC Drilling Machine. Because of its large load, coupled with uninterrupted friction, its loss is inevitable, when it loss to a certain extent, we must be replaced in the replacement process, we must follow the following steps to strictly enforce: First, turn off the punch main power, the punch motor to move to the side of the flywheel, the punch V-belt relaxation, then remove it to be replaced, the replacement should be noted that all the belt must be completely new. If several old belts can still be used normally, also need to remove replacement, as spare parts to be kept.

Because, when mixed old and new belt, both the elongation varies significantly reduce durability. In addition, the actual dimensions may vary slightly even if the belts are of the same nominal length best drilling machine. So must be very careful matching length of the product. In the actual process of technical personnel to replace the V-belt must be carefully examined whether there is abnormal wear and tear, check the punch repair and maintenance table, such as normal maintenance, excessive wear still occurs, you must be on the punch drive to be overhauled Structural Steel Fabrication.

New high – quality press parts – old abandoned electrical machinery

Dec 26

New high – quality press parts – old abandoned electrical machinery Appliances to the countryside and TM to the endless policy has no clear clues, but the abolition of electrical and electronic products processing fund of the new regulations will be introduced in 2012 in general, home appliance manufacturers are expected to increase. China Household Electrical Appliances Association of the above command, the state should urge the large-scale automatic punch precision punch high-speed punch hydraulic press home appliance manufacturers own recycling, dismantling the disposal of used electronic products.

According to the current plan is trivial, the Fund is the Ministry of Finance, dismantling processing enterprises is the Ministry of Environmental Protection Ring Drilling Machine, the recovery of logistics enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce, the new dismantling processing industry to participate in the production of enterprises is difficult to lose dismantling talent drilling metal. Another home appliance business marketing person in charge of ‘approach’ the introduction of opposed attitude welding gantry. ‘Second, the global economy bottom punch, the market environment in 2012 do not have a very, at this time the introduction of this new regulation, will increase the production enterprises and consumers tired fall. Moreover, only five types of household electrical appliances manufacturers charges, the cost of the allowance to the dismantling of enterprises, and dismantling enterprises dismantling of electronic products is more than these five categories, how unfair.

Attentions on the Maintenance of CNC Turret Punch

Dec 26

Attentions on the Maintenance of CNC Turret Punch CNC turret punch press maintenance should pay attention to what the problem: 1, CNC turret punch press storage environment should be kept dry, well-ventilated, to avoid moisture caused by electrical lines; 2, do not use the CNC turret punch in rainy day outdoors; 3 cnc machines for sale, do not let the CNC turret punch with direct contact with water; 4, if in use drill machine online buy, due to improper operation led to the hot plate water, should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

If the need for emergency repairs, the heating plate cover can be opened, the first water poured out, the overall replacement of the line busbar bending. 5, CNC turret punch in a longer period of time do not need to use the case, should be every two weeks to heat the heating plate.

Common fault of precision punching servo motor

Dec 09

Precision Punch Servo motor common several reasons for failure: Common failure 1: After the operation of precision press, all in accordance with the instructions in the order of operation, the punch light is still not bright, the face of such failures, the first circuit operation in accordance with the instructions to check the punch circuit functions are normal.

If the punch circuit is no problem, there are several major causes of failure: A. Punch overload pump damage (check overload indicator is lit). B. Punch air pressure is not enough (check the pressure switch for the existence of failure). C. Balanced cylinder pressure is sufficient (pressure switch is faulty (EN-D) only). D. Check whether the wires in the console are loose. E. Fuse is broken. F. Electric butter pump whether there is oil (with electric butter pump). G. Misfeed to detect whether the switch is normal (you can turn off the wrong switch to check). (3) Common Fault 2: When the normal light punch indicator, inching can operate and can not run a safe trip, continuous can, in the face of such failures, check the punch micro switch box is normal, the cable is off , Fixed-point angle is normal, such failures encountered in the press operating instructions to adjust. (4) three common faults: punch operation, the indicator light flashing Straightening Machines, the failure of the main reasons there are three types of failure: A. Check the punch cam micro switch contacts are normal, RS1.RS2.RS5.RS7 wire is off. B. Punch table angle switch within the table is bad, whether the broken sensor bolt. C. Check the angle of the induction bolt when vertex stops on the press horizontal band saw. When the upper vertex stops angle bending machine, the induction bolt angle should be in 11 o’clock position. .


In the maintenance of precision punch servo motor this type of failure should note the following points: 1, due to the permanent core is very crisp, dismantling need to be particularly careful. 2, can not be thrown fire barbecue, to prevent the demagnetization phenomenon. 3, the magnetic fan block is N. S interval installation, block and block between the glue can not be too thick, so as not to make the hole larger, affecting the bond strength with the shaft, or the outer diameter increases with the stator sweep phenomenon occurs. 4, resin glue ratio to ensure adequate dry solid period, can not use too much driers, to avoid the gum is too brittle, affect the bond strength.

Precision punch what device has noise reduction effect

Dec 09

Most of the existing precision punch press equipment is punched in the punch body installed on the beam installation hole, hit the material beam pierced in the mounting hole and its both ends of the extension hole, fixed in the top of the fight beam The punching bar can be moved up and down in the mounting hole and hit the stripper bar; the punching die equipped with the feeding rod is fixed on the slide block and the pressing mold can be pushed up by the slider to move upwardly against the striking material beam; The two ends of the striking beam are respectively impacted by the striker to produce the impact force punch machine for flat bars. The impact force is transmitted to the feeding rod on the punching die through the striking material beam and the slider, and the feeding rod is moved under the action of the impact force, The material in the mold is ejected. Precision punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for high-speed stamping of sheet metal drilling machine. Its structure mainly includes frame, upper worktable, lower worktable, and driving mechanism for vertical reciprocating movement on worktable.


Wherein the driving mechanism mainly comprises a main motor mounted on a high-speed press machine frame, a pulley mounted on the main motor shaft, the pulley being connected with the flywheel through a V-belt, the flywheel being connected with the pinion through a connecting shaft, , A crankshaft mounted on the frame and connected with a large gear, and a connecting rod connected to the crankshaft; the connecting rod is connected with the upper worktable; the high-speed punching machine adopting the transmission structure sets the mold on the upper and lower workbench, Placed on the table plate, driven on the table can be stamping sheet processing. Precision punch flywheel compared to the traditional precision punch flywheel structure advantage is that the uniform distribution of process holes to reduce the quality of the flywheel CNC Flange Drilling Machine, circular section where the circle radius into 25mm thickened ribs to prevent the flywheel deformation, extending the life of the flywheel , To ensure that the press punching the intensity of the uniformity, while ensuring the safety of stamping production.

Standard for Precision Punch Production

Dec 06

Precision punch production standards, precision punching mainly used for sheet metal stamping production. Can make mold, blanking, punching, forming, drawing, finishing, fine blanking, plastic, riveting and extrusion, etc., are widely used in various fields. If we use switches and sockets, cups, cabinets, plates, computer cases, and even missile aircraft … there are many accessories that can be produced by punching through the mold. Nantong perforated, perforated dead upper part is the whole pair of dead, die installed in the press part of the slider. The mold parts on the mold plate, the workpiece by the slider, through the dead or directly with the press of the slider is fixed. The lower half of the lower die is the entire dead, dead part of the work surface on which the media is mounted angle punch. Die base plate bottom die parts work surface directly fixed in the press or board. The blade is the side wall edge of the die hole. The edge ramp is the edge of the ramps on both sides of the die wall. Jack air-cushion compressed air as power. Please refer to ‘play’.

And then from the other side of the work surface to support unidirectional press-pressed parts. The relative movement of the upper and lower molds of the perforated guide sleeve provides a precisely guided tubular portion, most of which is fixed to the base of the die for fixing the lower die guide pins. Guide to punching precision slides with internal plate parts, punch and die to ensure alignment with each other, and discharge (parts). The signpost is the cylindrical part of the relative motion accuracy of the upper and lower mold bases, most of which are fixed to the base of the mold, and are fixed to the die base of the guide bush. Guide Pin Insertion Material Hole Sprocket Dead Pin Position Shape Parts. The baffle punching die of the mold is a guide to guide the die when the punch is not used from the guide. The article guides the guide plate with guide plate, roll) material as template. Guide column module guide pin, guide sleeve, sliding template. Each punch is mounted on a stamping process equipment produced by the press, through the interaction between the upper and lower parts. The punch forms the convex part of the punch directly, i.e. it works according to the part of the shape surface. The dead die directly forms part of the concave part of the salt block, in the form of the working surface of the part. Precision punch protection plate is to prevent the finger or foreign body into the dangerous area plate part progressive die. Platen (lap) is used to press the material or process control part of the die stamping material flow, in the drawing die, the pressure plate is mostly called as expected. Materials Reinforcing dies or drawing dies are used to control the flow of material in the form of gold bumps. The compression bars can be dead or the material of the local ring structure can also be pressure-inserted into the dead or separate parts of the pressure cycle. The material of the rectangular material of the pressure rectangle is said busbar bending cutting punching machine. See ‘Pole’. The carrier plate is used to connect the airplane in the die, punching the fastener material to the plate section. The continuous mode is continuous with two or more stations, punching die material for media travel to a station, so step by step forming. Striker side edge area, roll) is expected to reduce the feeding positioning punch. Side clip straps, rolls) through the spring pressure in the material area, urging them on the other side near the deflector plate section.

The plunger moves upwards, directly or indirectly, to the top (sequence) of the components or to the order bar components. Roof modules are part or modules of activity, the most important of which operate directly or indirectly (sequence) or wasteful. Precision Punch The ring of a precision die or die formed into a ring with a raised tooth profile that is the local structure of the die or tooth plate rather than the various parts. The minimum height limit set is used to limit the dead tubular part, which is usually set in the guide pin out. Limit Column Limits the mold closure height for cylindrical parts. Locating pins (plates) are made to ensure that the process position in the mold parts is the same, different shapes and locating pins or locating plates. Punches Fixing Plate Holds the part of the punch fixing plate. The stripper plate is the location of the punching die that holds the stripper plate. The block pin (plate) is secured to the die pin. Precision punch press equipment from the perforated surface discharge equipment to get off work (sequence) of the plate components and equipment. Pneumatic Hammer Stripper Plates the material or workpieces (sequence) of the perforated fixed or movable type of the discharge plate shape parts. The stripper plate, sometimes acting with the baffle and guide material, still says the stripper plate. The discharge screw is fixed to the pressure relief plate screw and serves to limit the position of the unloading plate at rest. Single-process model is the only time to complete the punching process.

There are two wasted cutters. 1. The flange in the deep drawing die is used to reduce the overall ring cutter to reduce waste and cleanup. 2. Installed in the media or die for (tape, roll) waste according to the fixed length of cutting and cutting knife. Modular is based on geometric elements (line, angle, arc, hole) by the Deputy General, and gradually formed a variety of stamping adjustable module. Plane stamping contours generally require several combinations of molds burst into many times. Starting between the blocking pin parts (plates) is the material sent to the positioning part. The start blocking pin (plate) is movable. The block consists of a complete mold, stamping, stripper plate or fixed plate for each segmented part, and so on. The stop (plate) is a hardened material suitable for the clearance of the side blades to be fed to the positioning part and used for balancing the cutting force of the side single blade. A blade is usually used laser cutting.

Sliding punch impact noise how to do

Dec 06

The slider is a mold assembly capable of sliding in a direction perpendicular to the opening and closing direction or at an angle to the opening and closing direction during the mold opening operation Steel Punching. The slider plays an important role in the precision punching process, and the normal operation of the slider is critical.

This article focuses on the impact of the slider punch noise, the following we take a look at the impact of precision punch slide how to do large noise. 1, the key handle or auxiliary key was interrupted. Replace the key or auxiliary key. 2, the ball screw ball and the ball or the gap between the ball cover is too large. Punch work, the screw ball and the ball bowl, the ball cover is in contact with the ball when the ball screw to work so that the ball screw ball with the ball bowl, the ball cover and the friction of the friction and produce a gap: Ball bowl, the gap between the ball cover, so that the ball with them close to or replace the ball bowl, bit the ball can be pressed against the ball head. 3, the ball cap screw tightening drill machine brands. Tighten the compression screw of the ball cover.

4, bushings, connecting rod bearing and the gap between the crankshaft is too large. Sleeve sleeve can be repaired or replaced, adjust and scraping or even replace the connecting rod pumping to achieve the appropriate gap. 5, the braking force of the brake adjustment is too small. Appropriate transfer large braking force. Is no significant impact when the slider running vibration, brake wheel without a higher temperature (not hot), the slider to run freely so far CNC laser cutting.

Servo punch machine are different from conventional

Nov 14

Servo punch machines are different from traditional presses because of the servo motor drive, the press can be set according to different delivery needs of different length and speed; through the servo press standard linear scale, or permanently guarantee the bottom dead center Forming precision, up to micron-level, efficacious suppression of the product of the glitches he is not the grid of the disclosure; can be ultra-low speed operation; mold vibration small, greatly increased the life of the mold; no clutch, brake parts, Electricity and smooth oil, low operating costs. Servo press occupies composite, high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, low noise environmental protection, etc., fully revealed the development trend of forging machine tools. It completely broke the traditional press point of view, its emergence will inevitably lead to a mechanical pressure of the revolution.

Common punch and high – speed punch identification

Speed: the general speed of ordinary punch in 200 times, high-speed punch speed is generally more than 600 times.

Control: the ordinary manual, foot, CNC; high-speed punch are CNC, automatic feeding.

Accuracy: the general accuracy of the general and precision, high-speed presses are precision.High-speed presses are generally used in a relatively large number of products, the product requires a relatively high precision stampings on the price higher than the average punch.

Precision pneumatic punch mold installation which pay attention to the incident?

Precision Punching Machine Pneumatic elastic cushion cushioning device has compact layout, small assembling space, large area of ​​top material, high uniformity of top material force, high precision of guide, and little die punching force. Precision Pneumatic Elastic cushion cushioning material device due to the connected rigid support device and elastic support device enough to shrink the atmosphere, anti-top buffer more calm, work pressure changes, the workpiece is not easy to wrinkle or pull broken, improve The product of the pass rate. Rigid support device size Mechanical type of material feeding device is much smaller, the occupied installation space is small, reducing the precision punch body and the work surface of the front and rear isolation, improve precision punching and punching the product texture, reducing the precision Punch the cost of construction. Precision Punch Pressing elastic cushion cushioning device can reduce the wear and tear, can retain the accuracy of long-term, so that the punching out of the product quality is more stable, and can greatly die mold eccentric punching pressure on the quality of products and precision precision punch itself. Adjust the position of the upper and lower limit nut can be returned trip, easy to use with all kinds of examples of stamping dies. Precision punch press device “.

When the precision elastic press slide with the pneumatic elastic cushion cushioning device is down, the ejector rod located in the ejector plate of the punch table plate is moved downwards by the function of the punching die stripping plate, The device is moved downward and the airbag of the punching device is deformed under compression until the rigid supporting device is limited by the limit bolt. At this time, the elastic supporting device and the rigid supporting device are compressed and the air volume is shortened, the air pressure is increased, Blocks and stamping dies under the attack to win the buffer. When the precision punch slide up, in the compressed air to promote the reduction of force, the pressure elastic cushion cushioning device upward, rigid support device to push the ejector ejector top plate, so that the workpiece from the lower mold, that is For the original working principle.

The domestic demand for punch presses is on the rise

Oct 20

If only for the implementation of lean production process, punch production structure. Profit can only be temporarily integrated into the lean production staff, employees feel the responsibility of the punch manufacturers for a long period of time the development of enterprises to open a lean production is not difficult, the cost is not high, but also the most difficult or change.

Increasing domestic demand may also attract companies to invest in Vietnam. Despite the total export volume of Vietnam, according to China’s total export volume of $ 560 billion is far more than today’s global OEM base, Vietnam, Punch with its unique geographical location and low labor prices, a new target and huge overseas investment. However, Vietnam must say that this is a deal in the future.

But the potential is not without restrictions, because most of the current business investment only need to hire low-end product assembly line workers, a significant number of foreign investment will greatly improve the economic development of Vietnam. While local managers will certainly need to recruit experienced managers and engineers, most Vietnamese local workers will only work in the foreseeable future.

Vietnam can further improve its position in the supply chain depending on whether the country can create enough managerial or engineering work, so in the long run. Punch due to the large inflow of foreign capital will give Vietnam a rare opportunity to improve the infrastructure and quality of education. Punch is particularly worth mentioning some of the technology companies also seem interested in helping Vietnam to develop their own technology team.

High unemployment also began to decline in some countries. Punch consumption declined 4 percent in the EU in 2013, but has already begun and now regains growth, the EU in 2014 was at its highest since 2008 for the overall consumer confidence.

For the future technological trends, the machine tool that the European Union. Intelligent manufacturing will lead the development direction of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing will make the process more efficient, more advanced products, more convenient man-machine dialogue, punch complex parts of the processing more simple and more smooth. In short, the intelligent ushered in a new window, so that the production process more resources and energy saving, the impact on the environment will be greatly reduced.

However, this concept runs through a variety of accessories, machine tool technology in the next few years the trend of development, reflects the humanity, automation, high production efficiency. Personalized products not only have the machine itself. Presses such as cooling systems, loading systems, storage systems and so on. Some users are no longer planning large-scale production lines, but only choose which key must be included in the machine tools. Designed by the machine tool manufacturers to provide accessories design solutions. In addition, the punch energy saving and environmental protection theme will be a long-term, through the use of variable frequency motor, low-power hydraulic valve components to reduce energy consumption is a trend.

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