Precision punch what device has noise reduction effect

Dec 09

Most of the existing precision punch press equipment is punched in the punch body installed on the beam installation hole, hit the material beam pierced in the mounting hole and its both ends of the extension hole, fixed in the top of the fight beam The punching bar can be moved up and down in the mounting hole and hit the stripper bar; the punching die equipped with the feeding rod is fixed on the slide block and the pressing mold can be pushed up by the slider to move upwardly against the striking material beam; The two ends of the striking beam are respectively impacted by the striker to produce the impact force punch machine for flat bars. The impact force is transmitted to the feeding rod on the punching die through the striking material beam and the slider, and the feeding rod is moved under the action of the impact force, The material in the mold is ejected. Precision punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for high-speed stamping of sheet metal drilling machine. Its structure mainly includes frame, upper worktable, lower worktable, and driving mechanism for vertical reciprocating movement on worktable.


Wherein the driving mechanism mainly comprises a main motor mounted on a high-speed press machine frame, a pulley mounted on the main motor shaft, the pulley being connected with the flywheel through a V-belt, the flywheel being connected with the pinion through a connecting shaft, , A crankshaft mounted on the frame and connected with a large gear, and a connecting rod connected to the crankshaft; the connecting rod is connected with the upper worktable; the high-speed punching machine adopting the transmission structure sets the mold on the upper and lower workbench, Placed on the table plate, driven on the table can be stamping sheet processing. Precision punch flywheel compared to the traditional precision punch flywheel structure advantage is that the uniform distribution of process holes to reduce the quality of the flywheel CNC Flange Drilling Machine, circular section where the circle radius into 25mm thickened ribs to prevent the flywheel deformation, extending the life of the flywheel , To ensure that the press punching the intensity of the uniformity, while ensuring the safety of stamping production.

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