Replacement of V – belts for Punch Press Precision Punch

Dec 26

Replacement of V – belts for Punch Press Precision Punch V-belt is located in the punch main motor to flywheel, between the motor energy will play an important role in the transmission to the flywheel. V-belt though modest, but its role is irreplaceable 3D CNC Drilling Machine. Because of its large load, coupled with uninterrupted friction, its loss is inevitable, when it loss to a certain extent, we must be replaced in the replacement process, we must follow the following steps to strictly enforce: First, turn off the punch main power, the punch motor to move to the side of the flywheel, the punch V-belt relaxation, then remove it to be replaced, the replacement should be noted that all the belt must be completely new. If several old belts can still be used normally, also need to remove replacement, as spare parts to be kept.

Because, when mixed old and new belt, both the elongation varies significantly reduce durability. In addition, the actual dimensions may vary slightly even if the belts are of the same nominal length best drilling machine. So must be very careful matching length of the product. In the actual process of technical personnel to replace the V-belt must be carefully examined whether there is abnormal wear and tear, check the punch repair and maintenance table, such as normal maintenance, excessive wear still occurs, you must be on the punch drive to be overhauled Structural Steel Fabrication.

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