Sliding punch impact noise how to do

Dec 06

The slider is a mold assembly capable of sliding in a direction perpendicular to the opening and closing direction or at an angle to the opening and closing direction during the mold opening operation Steel Punching. The slider plays an important role in the precision punching process, and the normal operation of the slider is critical.

This article focuses on the impact of the slider punch noise, the following we take a look at the impact of precision punch slide how to do large noise. 1, the key handle or auxiliary key was interrupted. Replace the key or auxiliary key. 2, the ball screw ball and the ball or the gap between the ball cover is too large. Punch work, the screw ball and the ball bowl, the ball cover is in contact with the ball when the ball screw to work so that the ball screw ball with the ball bowl, the ball cover and the friction of the friction and produce a gap: Ball bowl, the gap between the ball cover, so that the ball with them close to or replace the ball bowl, bit the ball can be pressed against the ball head. 3, the ball cap screw tightening drill machine brands. Tighten the compression screw of the ball cover.

4, bushings, connecting rod bearing and the gap between the crankshaft is too large. Sleeve sleeve can be repaired or replaced, adjust and scraping or even replace the connecting rod pumping to achieve the appropriate gap. 5, the braking force of the brake adjustment is too small. Appropriate transfer large braking force. Is no significant impact when the slider running vibration, brake wheel without a higher temperature (not hot), the slider to run freely so far CNC laser cutting.

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