ke ad van tage of it When a macro is

Sep 04

ke ad van tage of it When a macro is

called, any cur rent modal com mand should al ways be reg is tered at the be gin ning of the macro, if

that is not the case, then def i nitely be fore any changes are made within the macro

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


busbar Machine

Chapter 12

Restoring Modal Data

Since the orig i nal G-code(-s) have been stored for the sin gle rea son of re stor ing them later, they

have to restored be fore the macro ends, typ i cally at the end, just angle machine be fore the M99 func tion Us ing

two sys tem vari ables introduced in the pre vi ous ex am ple, here is a sche matic lay out of a macro

pro gram structure, show ing both the stor age and the res to ra tion of two modal val ues:


#31 = #4201

Store the current motion command

#32 = #4203

Store the current dimensioning mode

G90 G00 G54 X1500 Y750

< macro processing 锟?>

G#31 G#32

Restore both previously saved modes



In the automatic punching machine ex am ple segment, the vari ables #31 and #32 store the cur rent val ues of the mo tion and

dimensioning modes, at the very be gin ning of the macro The macro then pro ceeds with its own

def i ni tions, G-code changes, and so on, and be fore the macro end (be fore M99), the orig i nal val –

ues, the pre vi ously stored val ues, are re trieved to be come modal af ter the macro ex its Since both

of the pre vi ously stored val ues rep re sent modal com mands, the pro gram ming re turns from the

macro to the same en vi ron ment that ex isted be fore the macro was called Log i cal method of num –

ber ing sys tem vari ables will be also ap plied to the other modal codes

Other Modal Functions

In punching machine ad di tion to the modal G-codes, there are ad di tional eleven modal codes used in typ i cal macro

pro gram ming Just like the G-codes, in a macro cal cu la tion (or a for mula), these pro gram codes

can not be pro grammed to the left side of the equal sign, which means they can not be as signed

value through the pro gram T

relative beginner in macro development

Sep 03

change, if necessary, even by a machine bending relative beginner in macro development There are

two meth ods ap plied in macro pro gram ming that be long to this cat e gory

Saving Modal Data

To save (store) the cur rent value of a G-code (or other modal codes), is to pre serve them for

later use – or rather re-use The cur rent value is stored into a vari able and re trieved to re store the

orig i nal set ting In a typ i cal macro, there will be many G-codes used, most of them modal This

pro gram ming con ve nience also pres ents a po ten angle machine tial prob lems When a macro ex its, the modal

busbar Machine

G-codes used by the macro will still be in ef fect That cre ates a very dis or ga nized way of macro

pro gram de vel op ment, and can lit er ally be a cause of many se ri ous and hard to find prob lems Al –

though any modal G-code groups can be saved (and even tu ally re stored), only two or three groups

are com monly saved and re placed in most mac ros (add others, if needed):


G-code Group 01

Motion Commands

Rapid, Linear, Circular

G00, G01, G02, G03, G33


G-code Group 03

Dimensioning Mode

Absolute or Incremental mode

G90 or G91


G-code Group 06

Measuring Units

Metric or English

G21 or G20

Typ i cal method of sav ing the cur rent G-code mode is to as sign the se lected sys tem vari able into

a lo cal vari able A com mon vari able may also be used, in some very spe cial ap pli ca tions Here is

an ex am ple that stores the cur rent mode of Group 01 (mo tion com mands), and the cur rent mode

of dimensioning from Group 03:

#31 = #4201

Store the current motion command mode

Group 01 (G00, G01, G02, G03 or G33)

#32 = #4203

Store the current dimensioning mode

Group 03 (G90 or G91)

#33 = #4206

Store the current units mode

Group 06 (G20 or G21)

Note that the last two dig its of the sys tem vari able match the modal G-code Group num ber This

is no co in CNC Angle Line ci dence Such log i cal num ber ing of fers an easy way of re mem ber ing It can also be ap –

plied within a macro pro gram in some in ge nious way, to ta

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