The latest Zhanjiang Pneumatic Press

Dec 26

The latest Zhanjiang Pneumatic Press busbar bending cutting punching machine, Taiwan Punch, small pneumatic Punch The latest Zhanjiang pneumatic punch by high-steel frame design notching machine, the use of high-quality steel welding system, through the elimination of internal stress process. Improve the precision and stability of the whole machine, the accuracy of Taiwan punching mold up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable, the Taiwan punch press center and the center of the machine as a whole to ensure accurate and stable stamping.

Taiwan’s professional manufacturing and design of Dongguan Punch, Taiwan’s high-speed presses, Japan’s high-speed presses, Zhanjiang Pneumatic punch of the manufacturer and at any time to give the machine to run the relative stability, the use of piles into two sliders, balancer device design Customers do high-speed punch repair. Small pneumatic punch its use of the most advanced casting technology steel hole punch machine, the whole structure is stable; system micro-electric control to prevent the second punch, double protection; micro-control punching strength, machine damage to a minimum aluminum.

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