Three-dimensional laser scanning

Jan 20

Recently, Weihai City, Shandong Province, the core of marine monitoring using three-dimensional laser scanning technology, on the Kowloon Bay beach scene data scan, which is the city’s first use of the technology to set up a three-dimensional model of the sandy terrain. The use of the technology will further improve the level of monitoring of the fine sand and monitoring efficiency, to promote the protection and management of the shore has a positive meaning drill machine.


It is reported that in a week ago (March 16-17), technicians use three-dimensional laser scanner to scan the millennium town of Zhanggong District Shidong Town Qilimura Zhouwu dock kiln kiln cnc shearing machine, to reproduce the known as the ‘porcelain On-chip town ‘Seven Mile Kiln face. It is understood that three-dimensional laser scanning technology is a manipulation of the laser pulse to scan the object profile in order to obtain its overview of the characteristics of the news technology steel hole punch, it applies to a wide range of short-range scenes Plate Notching Machines, large objects quickly to high-precision scan, The three-dimensional model of the established scene provides the necessary and precise tools.

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