What causes the crankshaft bearing heat

Oct 10

Punch in the control or punch manufacturers will encounter crankshaft bearing fever scene, then what is the cause of it, then the source of the small series to the public about the reasons for the crankshaft bearing heat and punch factory test. Together to learn about it.
1, when the operation is not a collection or combination of the collector can not be opened after the reversal of health spring fall elasticity. Bond the camp too tight, the exchange of spring, the study of the combination of the distance between scraping key;

2, punch crankshaft bearing fever, shaft scraping bad, smooth bad, new scraping research copper tiles, check the lubrication situation;

3, rail burning, rail clearance is too small, poor lubrication, poor diplomatic relations, re-scratch the rail, swap space, pay attention to lubrication;

4, out of the oil from the bearing copper scrap, shortage of oil, lubricating oil is not clean, check the lubrication, interruption of bearing test scrubbing.

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